Minggu, 23 Oktober 2016


As a girl, I grew up with insecurities in my main plate.

Insecurities for my darker skin complexion, amongst my fairer skin oriental looking family.

Insecurities for my big-fairy ears, friends in elementary school made fun of it a lot.

Insecurities for my thick lips, that father's side family made it kind of big joke.

It affects me somehow as a woman. Now that they don't make it as a big deal because things are changing. They see me now with my achievements. They said I'm growing up to be a pretty woman.

Still, it affects me deep down.

I keep on comparing myself.

I feel like competing with other potential woman that my crush might like.

It's all in my mind.

Insecurities is like shadow, it walks with me.

Every single day.

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