Sabtu, 30 Januari 2010

Thanks God i found ........ BESTFRIENDS !!!!

Hay mayans !
I just get better and better everyday .
its because of you friends :)
no more broken-hearted girl. Yaaah. We all know, when we fall,we just need a time to stand up and live again.
I have it. I have been alone for a while.
Just keep thinkin' and take my heart a medicine ;)

special thanks for my berry bestfriends :
M.Nur Ichsani & Resi Hari Murti Adjie
For the shoulders to cry on,spirit,and helping hands when i fall.
I love you both !!
"Bestfriends are the man who always look at you even the world curse and leave you"

no.theres no more strength left if Theres no friends like you all..
and also all my friends which keep on supporting and listen to me . Best hug and kisses from me :D

Yeah.. Even more get up is harder than the words itself. I do it .

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