Sabtu, 26 November 2016

Post- Hangover Thoughts

I regret it.

I'm dizzy AF.

I spent my few last days of being 24 with drunk.

I'm always full of laugh when I'm drinking. Happy pill. Melancholy syndrom hits me when I'm half sober the next day.

Still dizzy AF.

I'm queueing to enter the airplane back to Jakarta. Another airplane is ready to fly next to mine. I can feel it hits the ground, the vibe goes to my heart. I cry a little, I remember again, how that iron bird has brought those I love gone far away.

On the plane, I cry a lot.
Because of the song the airline played.
Indonesian song about the struggle of long distance relationship.

I'm fxcked.
I cry a river.

Why universe, why?

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