Senin, 04 Januari 2016

The Girl Who Stay Overs

The one thing that I can notice in 2015 is my nomadic soul playing a significant role. I have three optional addresses that I could go home to, every single day - with the situation that my -literal- address is quite far, in the sub urban of Jakarta, while the other two is in the heart of it.

After hour, it is always a decision-making situation "where to go home today".

Moreover, I have an additional option, my close girlfriend dorm, in which more fun to be with.

My mom and dad (highlights to mom), starting to get annoyed with this habit of mine. She wants to see me more at my "literal" house, says that I don't need to stay all over the place because I'm done with my economics graduate, so i can come home earlier and got time to reach my literal house.

Logic. But, we can't play logic with the traffic in Jakarta, the "i-want-it-now" clients and the getting older and sick body. No compromise.

I am wondering, what is wrong. Maybe I'm famous as a blunt girl, but I don't see anything wrong with staying over, not to mention, all over the place that I decide. The only thing that I realize to be the wrong factor is the culture where I was raised, about a girl and all her prohibition.

Staying over for me is a matter of conscious decision. About what is up tomorrow or in the next few hours. I don't think it makes you a sl*t when people thinks that you are one.

The society needs to open their mind, that a girl can do choose what they want, what makes them easy and happy, to stay over anywhere, without being judged.

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