Kamis, 07 Januari 2016

About Flaws

I believe, everyone has their own way to fall in love. And I also believe that 99% of the time all started with looks. That physical looks.

Because, me too. At the first place, I'll fall for his looks. If I find him befitted my physical criteria, then I move to the next stage, background.

I know, judge me.

I tend to see potential partner for his current job, his education and where the world he lived in.

The next, the bigger portion of all is our conversation. This makes all the above irrelevant.

And when I fall in love - I started to become more and more irrelevant. I fall for his flaws.

Flaws, to see how he has that human scent. How he is not that perfect, he never perfect. Messy hair, ugly clothes, corny jokes, sulky, skin with freckles all things that are not pretty.

Those things make me even more in love with him, to know that he is merely a human, a man, a part of this silly world.

And maybe I am just exaggerating things, but who knew, is it a blessing or a curse to feel everything so very deeply?

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