Kamis, 03 Maret 2016


I am rushing to the guy that I call a boss at work.
He is my favorite supervisor, and I don't know, will I ever meet a kind of senior like him in the future.

He knows me, my story. We discuss about so many things work, people, life, and yes... love.

That day was so overwhelming. So I have no idea and running to his desk, sitting on his bean bag.

"Yes dear?"
"Can I hide here, inside your desk?"
"Okay, what happen?"

I start crying like a river.

"I trust you too much I show my crying face so very often to you. Is it a good or a bad thing?"
"Can be both. But i think, it's a good thing."

He tries to not make any useless move and start joking.

I feel, he is funny.

and somehow...

that geeky corny cheesy jokes, just the same like you. The kind of jokes you throw to me, trying to make me laugh and forget my bad day.

and somehow...

I want to hide a little longer.
Cherishing you through the similarities between you and him.

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