Senin, 15 Oktober 2012

re-think. re-arrange life.

Here I am at the top of my laziness (and still writing?). Well this is monday and I left office just for today's plan: seeing my doctor but unexpectedly I skip today's lecture too.  Yah.. I'm free for today -not really because I did some works from home- but you know, work from home always be my pleasure.. by home I mean everywhere I desired.

Been thinking about myself and today.
I slept well...ate well..watched dramas..lied on sofa like zombie.  Sometimes it is stressfull to be a collegian and an employee of a company at the same time.  Especially in my twenty, I got less me-time.  It is hard to control yourself from a strong will to run away sometimes.  Like, what I do now.

I'm happy with my life.  I really am.  Good friends, good colleague, good... everything was good so far.  It is just sometimes I re-think again.  About my life.  Why am I here? Is this right what I want? Did it good? I re-think again.

Some of the time I end with some options in mind.  I think about letting go what I have now, and continue learning languages and start a new day with it.  Or... I'll move and spend my whole life in Korea being a wife of a chaebol and owned a nasi goreng and mie ayam store there.

I got crazy imagination.  I always re-think.
But in the end I'll back to the track and re-think again....some time to come.

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